Lived-in skin

As much as his lover’s mind, he loved her body, though it wasn’t perfect any more than his was; the sex of her came from how she deviated from Eve, just as his endowments were surely no match for Adam’s, or any Adonis who had followed in his wake.  But there was a kind of perfection in the way his lips understood hers, and vice versa.  In love – in that outside-in, inside-out state, as she arched and ground and he bowed and thrust – neither god nor serpent nor any other being could get within reach of what he knew of her and she knew of him.  Yes, he would take lived-in skin and a rampant imagination over flawless or divine beauty, every time.


2 thoughts on “Lived-in skin

  1. I like this phrase, “lived-in skin” – when I read it, it didn’t only bring out the associations of imperfection and humanness that you allude too, but also, I kind of got the impression of a body being truly inhabited, a person who takes full control of their flesh and makes it a part of them, makes it alive. It’s an interesting thought, and I love the way you’ve portrayed it.

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